Jungling after Preseason Update???

2017 Season Update - League of Legends
This year was Riot's 10-year anniversary-the perfect time to look back on our wins and losses, and to challenge ourselves to keep getting better at serving players.
I want to hear peoples thoughts on how the changes that are going to take place in the update will affect Jungling as a role. * Will the loss of smite buffs make {{summoner:11}} less useful as a jungling summoner spell, why not just take {{summoner:7}} instead and save the item slot? (especially with the addition of Honeyfruit in the jungle) * Is the meta of having a jungler in a team going to fall away because of the lack of buffs? * Will the removal of the smaller monsters from the red and blue camps make counter jungling obsolete or simply more tricky? * Will the Blast Cone actually be useful or are they just going to get blown up as soon as they spawn to stop other people from using them? * How will Scryer's Bloom affect warding practices, since u essentially have a respawning oracle alteration in the jungle from start positioned where wards are most commonly used? These questions actually come from a debate I had with a friend of mine who's primary is jungler, if you have any other questions or thaughts, I'd love to hear those too.
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