LeBlanc walks into a bar...

there is no counter. Silly jokes aside, exactly how is LeBlanc "OK", as Riot states in the 5.6 patch notes? High pick and ban rate in both soloQ and professional play, and no counterplay that I know of. She just combos you and backs off before you can do anything about it. Want to engage her? Nope, W, R and endless jukes. And when she's finally low she gets a clone, making her even harder to kill. And even if she were to be somehow balanced, where is the fun in playing against her? You have to be hyper-careful otherwise you get exploded instantly, the jungler doesn't have to bother ganking her because she'll escape anyway, and you yourself don't have to bother engaging her as well because of the same reason. And if she doesn't escape you, she'll just QRWE you to death in a couple of milliseconds. I don't want to come across as whiny (I guess I still kinda do though), but I just don't see how to play against her. And no, I do not consider "let your ADC/ APC die and then try to win the 4v4 as she can't do much after that" to be counterplay. Or fun for the squishy that was her target. Thoughts?
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