Patch 6.4 Analyzed And Explained

Hello, Cey here again...Still awful at introductions. I figured that, since people quite often ask me "Hey what do you think about the new patch" I'd make this a series, if it gets enough attention anyways. I'll be covering every champion & change that Riot decided to tweak this patch, give my thoughts, predictions and opinion. Once again, if you like it please do upvote it, because I probably won't make another one if there is no interest for this kind of thread. I do realize that Riot also gives their explanation, but I feel like it's mostly "Here have some context explanation", I don't feel like it really teaches you anything about how the champion changes, thus what the changes actually entail for the champion itself. That's why I figured this wouldn't be too bad. _Use Control+F and type in what you want to find to get directed to it!_ --- Table of content: I: Champions II: Items III: Masteries IV: Opinion on this patch V: Conclusion and thank you *** _Always the most important changes of the patch_ **Ahri**: {{champion:103}} >**E: Charm** no longer interrupts dashes _(Charm will still apply after their movement ends) _ To be honest this was a really big thing for Ahri, especially against the more mobile carries that she had to deal with. Matchups against i.e. Leblanc, or in the later stages of the game against champions such as Tristana, this was what Ahri's catch potential would thrive on. Since she had the ability to cancel out any movement abilities, if the Ahri was skilled enough, you had to actually be awfully careful with what you did. "But Cey, why are you making such a point out of it, you could QSS it anyways?" The point is that even though you _could_ QSS the Charm effect, it still interrupted your movement ability. Why did Leblanc have such a tough laning phase? Because her W wouldn't even deal damage due to the interrupt. This meant a good Ahri could bait the hell out of the Leblanc, because the W is an essential part of the combo. If she Charmed an ADC such as Tristana mid-dash, they could still QSS sure, but the fact remains that the dash got cut off. This would mean that her team could back her up and kill the ADC regardless, because they didn't get the range out of the ult that they wanted to. **In my opinion this is actually a very hard hit for Ahri. She'll atleast drop half a tier, and makes counterplay easier. Wouldn't recommend picking her up anymore.** --- **Ashe**: {{champion:22}}: >**Q: Ranger's Focus** Focus stacks ~~fall off entirely after 4 seconds~~ ⇒ fall off one at a time after 4 seconds To be honest this, being combined with the latest Ashe buffs, pushes her up to pretty viable. I know her winrates are pretty good, but don't be distracted by those, they are just because only devoted and good Ashes play Ashe at the moment, which makes the winrates unusable. However, I digress. Ashe actually has a really interesting kit, and I still think she's really good if you can play ADC, like said in my other [botlane guide]( I really like what Riot are doing here, and I think that I might start picking up Ashe again. This definitely let's you Q more succesfully, creating all-ins and extended fights for laning phase way more attractive. It also boosts your late game, where you can now more easily drop the Q if you pressed it at the wrong time, since you'll get it back easier. >**Q: Ranger's Focus** ACTIVE DURATION ~~4 seconds~~ ⇒ 5 seconds Like said before, this just boosts Ashe into a viable spot even more. One second increase is actually huge (It's 25%!). For teamfights this means you can actually take out 2 frontline champions instead of one, and for laning phase this (with the other buff) means that they can't just blatantly abuse it with a playstyle that'd go along the lines of: _"you press Q ⇒ they disengage ⇒ your Q wears off ⇒ they engage and kill you since you lack damage"_. **Like I said, really digging this. I think this'll boost Ashe up to actually playable for laning phase, and with her very interesting kit you should definitely give her a try. This buff, for me, is the icing on the cake that she needed. I don't think everyone will find success with her, but I'd recommend her to the more experienced ADC's.** --- **Caitlyn**: {{champion:51}} >**W: Yordle Snap Trap** INCREASED HEADSHOT DAMAGE ON TRAPPED TARGETS ~~10/20/30/40/50%~~ ⇒ 30/70/110/150/190 + 0.7 attack damage Changing % into flat damage normally gives you a better early, and a worse late game. In this case I seriously don't know to be honest, I feel like it's an all-time buff. Either way since apparently Caitlyn's were still maxing E, although W was more effective, they decided to help you out by forcing you into a W max. Do I like the new trap mechanic? Not an awful lot, it feels very oppressive. Although I do think that this buff is pretty big. >**E: 90 Caliber Net**: COOLDOWN ~~18/16/14/12/10 seconds~~ ⇒ 16/14.5/13/11.5/10 seconds Now here's where I am confused. I don't really see the point of buffing _both_ abilities, but I guess. Not really big since on rank 5 it's still gonna be the same. You'll probably just max this last and notice very little of the buff, since the buff on the W was pretty big. **A solid buff, even though slightly undeserved, for Caitlyn. This definitely makes her a bigger force to be reckoned with, although she still needs to win lane to be useful, and she'll still have a pretty horrible midgame. I wouldn't recommend playing her, still, as she's too reliant to win the laning phase.** --- **Ezreal**: {{champion:81}} >**R: Trueshot Barrage ** COOLDOWN ~~80 seconds~~ ⇒ 120 seconds To be honest this isn't really big at all. Although they (also) slightly nerfed Iceborn Gauntlet for ranged champions, Ezreal will still do just fine. I do agree with Riot that he ulted _way_ too much. (1.5 flat sec CDR if Q hits) **Still a very safe and solid champion, who now has to play slightly more intelligent with his ultimate, instead of mindlessly spamming it all over the place. A good change, although it's far from enough to take him off of his throne. However, his win-rate being a solid 50% makes me a tad sceptical as to whether this was really necessary, especially compared to some of the other ADC's... I'd still recommend Ez to any player looking to play ADC.** --- **Fiora**: {{champion:114}} >**W:Riposte** COOLDOWN ~~19/18/17/16/15 seconds~~ ⇒ 24/22/20/18/16 seconds Finally, Fiora nerfs! You can finally abuse bad, or even good, ripostes now. I know that it was punishable before, but the way Fiora works is just disgusting. This gives you a bigger gap to engage, as all your minor abilities will be back up while her W will definitely still be on CD. Might even wanna time it! >**E: Bladeworks** COOLDOWN ~~15/13/11/9/7~~ ⇒ 13/11/9/7/5 seconds LIMITED BLADEWORKS Cooldown now starts ~~on cast~~ ⇒ after second hit To be honest this seems like a buff on first sight, but it's actually a nerf. She'd normally take 2 seconds to proc both E stacks, which means that in basically any case it'll be better for you now. **Deserved nerfs, but I still don't feel like it's enough. A very minor nerf on E and a nerf on W aren't going to stop the lane beast that is Fiora. They should really touch the Vital Passive to fix her, maybe next patch? :) Still really dominant and strong.** --- **Gangplank**: {{champion:41}} >**Q: Parrrley** GOLD PLUNDERED ~~4/5/7/6/8 gold~~ ⇒ 2/3/4/5/6 gold Arrrr mateyyyy, finally a nerf to this ol' pirate. He got a _lot_ of money off of his passive, something I think people don't often realize. This nerf is pretty substantial, because it delays his early-late-game, where he shines with barrels that take off 60% of your HP. Pretty substantial nerf >** E: Powder Keg** MAXIMUM BARRELS ~~2/3/4/5 (with rank of R - Cannon Barrage)~~ ⇒ 3 at all levels AMMO CHARGE TIME ~~18/17/16/15/14 seconds~~ ⇒ 18/16/14/12/10 seconds And this is where the true nerf lays. I feel like GP needed 4 barrels so badly (atleast) that this nerf will absolute break him. The increased recharge time is very nice, but it doesn't fix the issue. Especially when GP tries to poke there is _so_ much more counterplay to it now, because he can't just mindlessly throw down barrels anymore, and when they get destroyed he just puts new ones down. He'll have to make a more conscious decision between either putting them down or keeping some for if the fight might break out. **This nerf is really, _really_ substaintial. I feel like this breaks GP, which is something I don't necessarily object to. Although we'll have to wait and see GP isn't tier 1 anymore, although he's still not the worst to play, I think.** --- **Illaoi**: {{champion:420}} >Illaoi is now immune to being displaced while in her cast animation Does this really matter? No. See it as a bug fix that does _not_ fix her issues, so she's still kinda bad. **Still really bad in general, sadly, if she plays against people who know what to do. Wouldn't recommend playing her in this patch.** --- **Jhin**: {{champion:202}} Sadly trying to format the changes that happened to Jhin were, for some reason, close to impossible. So I'll just do it as a story-ish thing. Jhin movement speed got increased by 5, which isn't a lot but it's welcome. Base health regen and Health regen stat also both got buffed, which gives him an even better lane phase. Even better lane phase!? Yes, I do feel like he's always had a good laning phase. It's just a damn shame he scales so poorly into the game, regardless of comps et cetera, due to his lack of mobility and useless ultimate. His passive can crit towers now, although I really don't see the virtue here. His issues are still in the uselessness teamfights, and so he'll be unlikely to be attacking towers with his 550 range. Then the rest is all pretty inconsequential bug-fixes and the like, which basically tend to favor him slightly. **Did this fix Jhin? No, sadly it didn't. However with the tower-crit et cetera it feels they're forcing him into midlane even more, sub-consciously anyways. I would strongly recommend to you to _NOT_ play this champion, as it simply feels like his impact is Planck amounts of small.** --- **Katarina**: {{champion:55}} >**Q: Bouncing Blades** DETONATION RATIO ~~0.15 ability power~~ ⇒ 0.2 ability power Damage is no longer reduced on targets beyond the first A neat and little buff for Katarina, which she definitely needed in this meta. This'll basically only (significantly / noticably) improve her laning phase though, which is kind of a shame. **Still not worth playing, but I guess she atleast gets a better laning phase again. Might wanna look out for other buffs she might get in future patches.** --- **Kog'Maw**: {{champion:96}} >BASE ATTACK SPEED ~~0.665~~ ⇒ 0.625 A nerf Koggy definitely needed, and it's actually bigger than other people think that it is. I do not understand how this misconception got into the league community, but you need to realize **_that all AS items, steroids and buffs are based off of the base attack speed_**. A nerf of 0.04 attack speed will be seen in his W (Boosting it up to i.e. 0.08) but also in every AS, which gives less AS. **Kog is most likely still worth playing, and even though this probably isn't enough it's already pretty damn big. Please stop being like "Omg 0.04 isn't anything". It's big, all right.** --- **Lucian**: {{champion:236}} >**R: The Culling** RANGE ~~1400~~ ⇒ 1200 To be honest they are just trying to make Lucian feel more "unique" and "one role-ish". I agree with them, Lucian needs nerfs, although this isn't the way I would've gone at it. It's not too big a nerf, and Lucian will still be rather dominant. However, looking at the bigger picture, a lot of other ADC's are getting buffed at the moment. So he might not be feel like he's above everyone else anymore, but just tier 1 instead. (Rivaled with others, at least) **Definitely still worth playing, although it might be worth it to start looking at other ADC's, who are getting buffed instead of nerfed.** --- **Malphite**: {{champion:54}} >BASE HEALTH REGEN ~~8.374~~ ⇒ 7 Deserved nerf, outside of the fact that Malphite is anti-fun 8.374 health regen is out of the roof, especially with Grasp of the Undying, which gave him absolutely ridiculous sustain in laning phase. 7 is still quite high, especially combined with his passive, but it's more do-able. >**E: Ground Slam** BASE DAMAGE ~~60/100/140/180/220~~ ⇒ 60/95/130/165/200 To be honest, I don't even think this is enough. It's another nerf to an anti-fun, disgustingly simple champion, which I'll never object to. But is it enough? I don't think so. Both nerfs combined aren't enough to bring him down, but it's a start **If he's open, pick him basically. He can achieve ridiculous armor levels with very few armor items, giving him more than enough room to build MR (Even offense MR in the form of abyssal). Really strong, and a terror to play against as ADC.** --- **Rumble**: {{champion:68}} >E - Electro Harpoon FULLY LOADED Now works on an ammo system (max: 2 charges) RECHARGE TIMER 1 charge per 5 seconds COST 10 heat per charge SLOW DURATION ~~3 seconds~~ ⇒ 2 seconds BABY DON'T FAIL ME NOW If Rumble overheats using Electro Harpoon, he’ll always be able to fire while silence as long as he has 1 charge (same as live) To be honest I really don't understand this Rumble nerf, because it is a nerf. I still stick with the opinion that he's not OP in the jungle, but ah well I guess we'll see how it plays out. **Seems like his "Jungle Dominance" is forcing Riot to bully him out of toplane, and then forget about him. So euuh RIP Rumble.. If he still works for you in the jungle then play Rumble In The Jungle, otherwise leave him be.** --- **Ryze**: {{champion:13}} >**Q: Overload** DAMAGE ~~60/85/110/135/160~~ ⇒ 60/95/130/165/200 A much deserved buff for the lowest winrate champion in the league, although after the nerf last patch? I don't know so much. Then again his kit will always be gimicked, due to the nature of it. **Don't play this guy, please. If you're behind it's no fun and if you're ahead it's no fun either, for either team. With that he's quite bad so :(** --- **Shen**: {{champion:98}} >**E: Shadow Dash** RIVER CONTROL Now affects monsters (including Rift Scuttler) This really only matters for jungle Shen, which hasn't been the best. This will not necessarily make it a lot better, but it's nice to see solutions from Riot that only affect one specific role for a champion. Neat creativity there **Doesn't negatively affect Toplane or Support Shen, although I'll stick with him not being an optimal jungler, and a mediocre support. Atleast Toplane Shen is a beast! Would only recommend him for toplane.** --- **Sivir**: {{champion:15}} >**W: Ricochet** SPREAD IT AROUND If Ricochet's primary attack is a critical strike, all of that attack's bounces will crit as well To be honest this is a much deserved buff for Sivir, as she has been quite lackluster. Although it isn't too big a buff, it definitely gets something done, depending on how well everthing bounces. We'll just have to wait and see how effective this actually is, but I feel like she's very close to the "viable treshold" again ** Wouldn't recommend playing her, but might wanna look for further buffs. Not the worst though, but only pick her as a niche pick.** --- **Tahm Kench**: {{champion:223}} >**Q: Tongue Lash** WIDTH ~~90~~ ⇒ 70 Not the biggest, but definitely a neat nerf. Atleast now you can feel more at ease, and the Tahm will actually need some more skill. His Q will probably also be sidesteppable now, unlike before where it would just basically hit you regardless if he wasn't completely off. A reduction of 22.2% is pretty big indeed. >** R: Abyssal Voyage** DELAY BEFORE RECAST ~~0 seconds~~ ⇒ 1 second (total travel time unchanged) LAST CALL While Tahm Kench is animating into his whirlpool, allies can still click him to join his voyage To be honest he really needed this. He ulted out of places _way_ too quickly, making it really hard to get a good catch, because he could just run into a bush and ult away. I've legimately always said they needed to add more seconds to the time between R'ing and actually leaving, so good job Riot ^^ **Still worth playing, as he is quite strong, but I feel like these nerfs that we've seen the last patches are starting to take their toll on Tahm. I think that we're starting to get towards a more acceptable state of the champion, which is really nice in my opinion, as his design is neat and unique.** --- **Udyr**: {{champion:77}} >**W: Turtle Stance** SHIELD AMOUNT ~~60/100/140/180/220~~ ⇒ 60/95/130/165/200 Oh Udyr, for the love of god stay out of my games. With Runic Echoes Udyr has succesfully been promoted to my hate & ban list, and these nerfs are _more_ than justified. I do not know whether they'll be very impactful- but hey Runic Echoes is getting nerfed too, so there's that. >**R: Phoenix Stance** ON-HIT DAMAGE ~~40/80/120/160/200~~ ⇒ 40/75/110/145/180 Like said before, he more than deserves this, and there's not much to add. I hope it makes him a bit more bear-able. Because especially with _bear_ stance he's un_bear_able... **Will probably still be sufficiently strong to be played, but along with the Runic Echoes nerf it'll be a bit more... doable to play against him. Definitely deserved it, would still recommend playing him though as ZZroth portal is back again to make up for the nerfs.** --- **Viktor**: {{champion:112}} >**E: Death Ray** DAMAGE ~~70/115/160/205/250~~ ⇒ 70/110/150/190/230 This is probably the nerf I still disagree most with in this whole patch, but ah well it's not _too_ big. Viktor still has huge range issues, especially with his Q, something that if exploited destroys him. **Still worth playing, but with the surge of AD assassins mid you should probably just copy the meta, since "if you cant beat them, join 'm" is true here. Not seeing any Talon or Zed nerfs though...** --- **Xin Zhao**: {{champion:5}} >**W: Battle Cry** HEAL RATIO ~~0.7 ability power~~ ⇒ 0.4 ability power ATTACK SPEED ~~40/50/60/70/80%~~ ⇒ 40/45/50/55/60% Ah Xin, I think people have really come to hate you. I have only had the pleasure of playing with you, not against you, but it seemed absolutely disgusting. This nerf is more than justified, and I still don't understand why Riot thought it was a good idea to give you that buff. The attack speed buff is actually pretty significant, but it's probably still not enough... **Xin will still be really strong, and probably still ban worthy. However, if another nerf next patch hits him he'll be back to his original state again, which in my opinion was just fine with pronounced strengths and weaknesses. Definitely still worth playing this guy.** --- _Hidden buffs and nerfs are most often found here_ **Boots of Swiftness**: {{item:3009}} > MOVEMENT SPEED ~~65~~ ⇒ 60 To be honest this doesn't seem too big, untill you see Mercury's Treads buff. Those two combined will probably shift the meta back to people buying Mercs, or atleast considering it a viable alternative, again. Whoohoo for it not being a no-brainer buy wise anymore! **Still not too bad, but you have to be more critical about your buy now, instead of just getting Swifties every game.** ---- **Mercury's Treads**: {{item:3111}} >TENACITY ~~20%~~ ⇒ 30% Woop woop Mercs are back again, god bless. We really did miss a tenacity item, so this is pretty solid. Combined with the Swifties nerf these are finally buy-able against CC'ing champions again, because 20% really was too little. (From 20% to 30% is an increase of 50%!) **Buy them whenever you feel like you're being CC'd too much, added bonus points when you play against an AP laner as a tank.** --- **Manamune**: {{item:3004}} >MIND OVER MANA Now gains +1 mana every 8 seconds This was kind of necessary to be honest, as like Riot said, it was sometimes _worse_ to get Manamune instead of Tear stack wise, which is just ridiculous. **Not too big, but it's finally useful to have so you can get some more item diversity choices for certain AD, tear needy champions. Basically a small buff you won't notice too much. ^_^** -- **Muramana**: {{item:3042}} >HAVE IT YOUR WAY Can no longer be toggled 'on' or 'off' >PASSIVE Shock - Single target spells or basic attacks on champions consume 3% of your current mana and deal twice that as bonus physical damage. This effect only triggers when you have more than 20% maximum mana. To be honest this is a pure buff to people who are bad at activating items, and a minor nerf to people who aren't. I always found it useful to use Muramana on buffs such as Blue or whatever before I wanted to back, which just gave you that extra edge in damage to save you some time. However, it did take your concentration off a bit, even if you were good at using it. So an all-round small buff, and a big buff for lower ELO players. **Basically it makes those lower ELO Ezreals even scarier, huh. A pretty solid buff for low ELO, although a minor nerf to higher ELO's. A noob friendly change, if you will.** --- **Enchantment: Runic Echoes**: {{item:1402}} >MOVEMENT SPEED ~~10%~~ ⇒ 7% The 10% was actually straight up dumb, especially with champions such as Udyr. This was _more_ than deserved and I do not understand what Riot was thinking when introducing a **_10%_** movement speed buff. Atleast they kinda fixed it, although I still feel like 7% is on the high side, especially with a decent amount of other MS items being nerfed. (Swifties, Rapid Fire Cannon et cetera) **Still good due to a lot of MS items being nerfed, so you don't need to worry too much. This was more than deserved however, as 10% was just flat out dumb.** --- **Iceborn Gauntlet**: {{item:3025}} >~~RUNNING THE GAUNTLET Slow no longer lingers after leaving the icy ground~~ SIZE RATIO 0.45 bonus armor ⇒ 0.55 bonus armor BASE SIZE 190 ⇒ 180 This should actually be a really good nerf / buff, however you like to call it. This means that the item is nerfed for ranged champions, while it buffs champions such as Malphite or other melee champions who also buy armor. Quite neat to be honest. **More worth on tanky champions, and you might actually see some Yellow Ezreals now! Hype. I don't exactly know how big the change on the slow field will be, but it seems like a solid nerf change to the item either way, atleast now it's more likely to be used for which it once was made.** --- **Sterak's Gage**: {{item:3053}} >HEALTH ~~500~~ ⇒ 400 BUILD PATH Jaurim's Fist + Ruby Crystal + 1100 gold ⇒ Jaurim's Fist + Long Sword + 1150 gold TOTAL COST Unchanged Sterak's indeed was really strong, so the nerf is justified either way. I feel like we were just getting into an interesting meta where ADC's would start building this, if only there'd been a little more time experiment around with that.. The nerf isn't absolutely huge, but it might just be enough to knock this item off of the list that some champions will not build it anymore. **Still an all-round decent item, worth buying on champion who need the extra survivability, although it's more of a niche item now rather than a buy-this-when-*insert 500 scenarios*.** --- _Amusingly enough this seems to be an issue every pre-season_ **Warlord's Bloodlust**: > FOR THOSE WHO FIGHT FURTHER Attacks on champions gain increasingly more Lifesteal based on your missing health (up to 20%). Half effect vs minions. What Riot? What? You... What? You even _mentioned_ that Olaf would be able to use this. Look, I understand you're trying to create even more Keystone diversity, and I'm fine with that. But why are you trying to make Keystones that seem to benefit some champions ridiculously? Let's be honest, you had to tune down Warlord's in the first place because Yasuo and Trynda scaled ridiculously off of it, sure ADC's were good but that wasn't the issue. Then why aim to make one champion abuse this awfully hard again, while others only use it ocassionaly? You'll have to end up nerfing for that select group anyways... I guess we'll just have to wait and see. **A free buff is always neat, especially for a Keystone that is rarely seen in general. I feel like this won't change the playstyle / champion impact of most champions too much, but on some champions... Oh Olaf** --- **Expose Weakness**: > FRAUD DETECTED Damaging enemy champions causes them to take 3% increased damage from your allies Woo finally some more support diversity. Although this doesn't seem too impactful, it's definitely something for the Braum or Leona support lane. interesting indeed, although I'd like some more details on duration et cetera on it. **Seems good for a niche amount of champions, but we'll yet again just have to wait and see. Definitely pick this on your Leona / All in support though, as it seems quite good. Wouldn't recommend for solo lanes though.** --- _Then again isn't this whole post a compilation of opinions_ I feel like this patch has mainly had some pretty good nerfs / buffs, although I'm definitely missing a lot things. Quinn? Lux? Graves even? ZZroth portal? I think that limiting what you nerf / buff is sensical, as you don't want to overflow your game with changes, but that doesn't make like it nonetheless. However, they tackled some of the issues quite well, which I can have respect for. Now we just wait for the next "HELLA OP" though, I'll give it to Tank Akali for this patch :P. An overall good patch, but I feel like it's mainly a setup for next patch, as most buffs / nerfs aren't enough to help the champions over the line, but they're definitely going there. I'm pretty hyped about patch 6.5 though! --- _If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?_ And thus we have something that could be called an in-between-patch. I quite like the changes myself so far, what would you have liked to see change? What do you like and dislike? I'd like to see what you guys think too. Like said before though, if nobody cares about this then I won't make another, as this takes a decent bit of time, and needs to be made closely after the patch comes out. So make sure to upvote it if you like it & downvote it if you dislike it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, either way. Good luck on the Rift, Summoner! -Cey
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