Deranking off role ranks

If I understood it correctly, they WILL be bringing the role rank system soon. Are people really willing to tryhard when they have lost their lane 0-6 when playing Yasuo top lane as their off role (and off rank)? I'm pretty damn sure that off role players who have lost their lane hard are going to make games fiesta, just to finish them faster so they can get to play their main role. Autofilled players do this sometimes even when it lowers their main rank, imagine when they have nothing to lose... How do Riot prevent people from deranking their worst role to bronze (for the meme)? Yes, I have heard about they giving extra LP for main rank if off rank match has been won, but I doubt that extra LP would even be noticeable. Does it even affect mmr, which is more important than LP? What if I derank every other rank but adc to bronze. Then start to climb playing adc and getting easy off rank wins and extra LP bonuses from 4 other ranks? Would this work? I hope Riot know what they'r doing. Adding more things which allows people to take soloQ less seriously doesn't sound very good idea.
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