I got chat restricted for this.. XD

I&#039;m not mad, and I do know I deserve it I&#039;ve flamed much worse than this.. but this chat is just funny and I had to share it with you.. at least I laughed when I read it.. yasuo is that L6 or L7? u litl bič **<-- this was a joke, and yasuo knew that** how much score do yu have i have 80k u2 i have ult stun lets go thats broken mute stupid cow** <--- he said report this useless annie** fkn stun range OMFG HE HAS FKN ZHOYNA retard cant 1v1 **<-- me flaming after losing a 1v2...** its a 1v1 lane idiot yeah if you&#039;re a tard and cant win your lane alnone Ignorant tard thinks he&#039;s a god if he gets diamond you people are all shit and acncer report alsitar he could&#039;ve knocked u up and then i would ult but he just look i dont even have a fkn team i had ult stu tard ff20 yes u see that fkn dmg this is the first fkn time i got to ult and we aced them pls ? why are u so fkn rude** <-- me being sad cuz i got harrased** i go get zhonya then we fight them easy come yasuo lets fight gg easy tards I just enjoy winning this game so much Ok u can win enemies i hate my team more than i hate u **<-- me being very sad cuz everyone is harrasing me** :D they can try winning 4v5 **<-- i went farming top** if they win good if they dont still good :D it&#039;ll just prove how fkn bad you are if u cant win 5v4 easy easy <-- **they won game 4v5 **
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