Can someone teach me to do 1v5..?

Well i wanna teach to do 1v5..Im plat 5 and i cant trust my teammates no more.If i win its because i carry if i dont succed to carry then its lose..Im not gonna blame my team at last i know that good players are not in plat dunno diamond..So i wanna learn how to do 1v5 if someone can teach me..I did 1v5 with yi but its the only champ witch i succed its easy ye..The games i play i need to tryhard to win because always unlucky.If i go jungler all lanes lost go mid all lanes lost..Its a pain honestly..I know its team game but i cant relly on them no more i did more dmg with support nautilus them my adc vayne..or my midlane..When i saw that i just stoped to believe.So if someone can teach me to do 1v5 plz just add me.I succed to do 1v2 1v3 but when they fed its just too hard for me and i cant change that.Even if i gank all time with Lee and i pick him cuz is early..If i pick yi they just die and blame me quick and fast.I dont even farm with lee i just gank but when you see all lanes lost you lose your mind so plzz some good player gimme advices or teach me on 1v5 gameplay cuz im tired.No matter if i play like a god or i play realllly good its steel pointless..
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