Ahri nerf incoming (ranting abit

So this nerf is plain stupid and is as bigger than it seems. Charm no longer will stop dashes and the charm effect will apply when the dash ends I may be biased about ahri being balanced and healthy ( I highly doubt she isn't healthy), but this nerf is plain stupid... This nerf is only directed towards the good Ahri players not the bad ones because charming leblanc mid dash isn't the eaiest thing to pull off. Now Ahri loses her power as safe blind pick since {{champion:7}} and {{champion:131}} become extremely hard matchups when the nerfs come... I really want a small buff for exchange but one that is usable by good Ahri players and not so much by bad ones. The first thing I have in mind is that Ahri's damage is at it's lowest point ever why don't we just have smaller % dmg amplification on charm (not 20% ofcourse but 10% works) Or having maybe a max range charm to do more damage than point blank charm (Like nidalee spear). Something small please... Also this nerf makes her lose a fair amount of her safety without ult so thats good for the Ahri haters I guess but let me say something. Her early game damage is meh and her scalings are abit below average (except Q if you hit both parts) So small damage buff would be small counter buff to this believe me pretty decent nerf Ahris (the bad part It maks only the good Ahri players struggle). Or raise her skillcap somehow with a small buff after that.... that would be wise decision like I said with the charm % amplifictaion but making charm being thinner or slower. That's from me
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