Match making is so busted at times...

Right now, I've lost ~15 games in a row. I'm not bs'ing when I'm saying I lost 90% of these only because of either: * trolls (int feeders, feeders, troll picks, etc) * AFKs (rage quits, dc randomly) It was acceptable at one point, but what the f*ck RIOT? It's the third day and this is all I get. Today's two matches: remake twice and third one my jungler (Yi) is a sleeper with 0-5-0 score in 15 minutes (guy was constantly trying to counter jungle). It was all nice and shit until I got those premade (ebay) Diamond V's into my team. Ever since that lost match I've been only losing because my team is ZERO. Thank you a lot! I'm enjoying the interactive gameplay versus 20-0 "legendary" enemies every single time. PS: If someone wants proof, I can give you proof. Also don't look at this account's level, it's just a boards account. EDIT: Counter for 30.06.17 games: REMAKES - 0 DEFEATS - 3 VICTORIES - 0
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