Should I take an adventure in the scary world that is Ranked?

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Hello o/ Ok, so I did my placements in season 6 as soon as I hit level 30 with little to no game knowledge, rubbish masteries, no runes, and with champions I was new to{{champion:44}} {{champion:20}} be9cause I didn't really even know what ranked was at the time, it was kind of like a "ooooo new game mode unlocked, lets go" (I was new to online gaming, I enjoyed being the 90s kid playing on my N64 and Gamecube). First two games went alright, won them, got an S in one. Yay! next 8 were losses :( some terrible some could have gone any way. The last ones though were the worst for me, there was so much flaming by people, my adc blaming me for their death after I did everything I could except giving my own life to save them, for the adc to then feed because I let them die once, to me or someone else making a stupid mistake and the chats bullying them for it. Ended up 2 wins, 8 losses, in Bronze 1 and never went back to ranked again. I realised at this point that I had made quite a few mistakes a lot of the time too though, it was not entirely my fault for the loss but there was some parts I could have done a whole lot better in, and so I decided that I needed to improve, and have been changing the way I play because of it. I tried out different roles, different champs (I'm bad at these currently {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:13}}) , watched guides, streams, asked people for help on builds, combos, and other things that I needed to improve on. I thought {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3065}} was acceptable and the upmost best build for {{champion:86}} at one point _facepalms_. I'm know a lot more about building and items now thankfully. During this time I experienced many losses and a few wins, mainly because the new thing I was trying wasn't working, or I wasn't quite doing it correctly, but I slowly improved and each we thing helped me get better. Eventually I learned where I was going wrong, I still make mistakes, but can usually spot them now, when I make them, and then not make them again or make them less of the time because I'll stop and think, "no, no vision there/ low health/no mana, don't go in, etc." and I'll stop, instead of previously going through a bush and finding myself in a 1v3 with no health or mana because I had no vision. I'll also not waste my summoners early, or throw out full combos immediately in the hope my first ability would land and the rest would follow often wasting a whole lot of mana, having everything on cooldown and then dying. Anyway I've been trying to improve, and have been improving, my masteries have been sorted, to an extend, I have a page for doing before the game, a couple already made for my fav champs {{champion:103}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:267}} , and a general one for each lane +ad/ap/tank, incase I don't have time to quickly make one, or the one I have got will do. #autofill Runes still need done, semi complete for some, but the costs :/ so not really perfect. In total I have played 367 Normal 5v5s with a winrate of 47%, which yeah, is not great but it did fall a lot as mentioned above, and is now improving :). I also have a 54% winrate overall for my support champs, which is probably the role I would take in ranked. Only posted the pic of my profile because it had the silver, gold and platinum tier badges and didn't know if that would help anyone with giving advice like farming more, etc. (Since I will probably be maining support most of the time, how much cs should I roughly have, like x amount per y minutes?) My main question however is, should I go for ranked, or should I play more norms first, improve a little bit more and get my runes complete before I get into it? Also feel free to post any tips for common mistakes that people make below as well, as odds are I'll make one or two of them and maybe have not noticed, and will be useful for me and other reading to improve! Thanks in advance for your help :) p.s. sorry there's a lot.
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