The Hunt is On!

The Hunt is On!
The Hunt Is On! is an event that occurs in games between an opposing Kha'Zix . Rengar and [1] A video describing the event there. The event begins a seemingly random length of time after the following conditions have been met, and can only occur once per game: Kha'Zix has used all three evolution points (minimum champion level of 16).
Each champion (Rengar and Kha'Zix) is assigned to kill the other and the first to achieve this claims victory and is rewarded (assists count). The event can only occur once per game. Does anyone else feels Rengar gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the rewards from this hunt? I mean with 12 stacks he will probably get to 20 anyways, but Kha'Zix gets something he would not get otherwise...seems unfair!
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