Matchmaking this Season and Toplane

Hey, I play for about a year now, so i dont have any early season XP. But what I have been through this season start is incredible. I startet with my placements 2-8, won a few games after and went on a 10 Loss spree. Every single game people are raging, feeding, trolling. As a toplaner it is impossible to have any significant impact if the laning phase ends at 11 min with bot tower falling. Mid to Bot is a complete fiesta and toplane is an isle to be honest. I know I am not playing perfectly but when looking at my last twenty ranked games, my botlane won 5 Times and Lost 15 Times. Same goes for jgl. Mid is pretty even. I have about 3.5 KDA with 50% kpa and high dmg to objectives. I try not to tilt but it gets harder and harder, because every game is the same. I really dont like that the game is decided by the worst player, not the best. I dont expect every of my teammates to do well, but most of the simply refuse to play save, they feed, tilt, flame, afk, spam ff. It is so demotivating. And on the other hand, when we are winning it is almost everytime a complete stomp. Like what is happenning?

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