Give advice to the noob?: What champion would best match me?

As a noob to LoL i haven't been able to explore all the possibilities and champions there are I usually try out the champs on free rotation in Arams but sometimes they aren't really my style I main Xerath and Soraka and i'm getting the hang of Sona So i play quite long range Champs The only positions i know how to play are support ( Soraka & Sona ) and mid laner ( Xerath ) I haven't tried any other position unless i was in a custom or bot game, since i don't wanna suck badly in an actual game and get flamed So i was wondering if anyone had any interesting champs i could try to play and why it would be good to play them? ( cause i don't wanna be spending all my IP and or Riot points when i won't touch the champion again ) what builds to build on them? What position they are best in? Thanx for reading this guys ~From The Noobiest Scub Lord Alive~ <3 P.S. If you have any advice on how to better play Xerath / Soraka / Sona please do share them with me :3 Like what builds and what kind of combos go well together? and so on and so forth~ Thanxies

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