I really don't understand how nexus blitz can be fun, but I want to have fun, help

I'm burnt out from ranked. I can't play competitively anymore and have noticed I'm getting substantially worse at the game while also having less and less fun. Now people say ARAM and Nexus Blitz are fun and while I agree that ARAM can be fun with good rng and no Sonas, Brands, Jhins, Sivirs, Maokais, Ziggs Veigars... eh, you get the point, no effort autowin champions are neither particularly fun to play nor to play against on ARAM, but often enough you get a decent mix of autowin vs autowin or garbage vs garbage and then both teams can have an adequate amount of fun. Now people keep telling me Nexus Blitz is supposed to be fun. But with people picking Veigar, Brand, Sona, Jax, Jinx, Sona and a few other 5v5 deathball champions and not everyone banning the 1v5 team melters you are forced into certain champions (that you might not think are fun) if you don't want to play hashinshin getting camped simulator and waste 7-15 minutes on walking to lane and dying over and over. What can you do except playing the no counterplay stuff and wasting the enemies time and possibly ruining their mood for your 7-15 minutes of endorphins. I've tried getting 5 people together to ban the popular stupid stuff that makes games totally unfun but 5 bans can only do so much. You still end up being forced to play one of the 15 of the 20 teamfighting S-Tier champions to have fun and it ends up being a one sided stomp most of the time either way. What is there to do? You can't really split to catch up because the map is so small the team with more teamfight champions will just form a deathball and be everywhere at the same time. I just feel like Nexus Blitz games are decided in champ select regardless of which Events will come up in the game. That is not mentioning what cannot be altered by playstyle, strategy or pick ban like the weird bugs and mechanics like the enemy team getting a bonus despite your team winning the objective or a LootTeemo spawning on the enemy side of the map in a 3-27 game and running across their jungle. Some of the bonuses are not helpful at all if you manage to win an objective while behind. Getting Blitzcrank blessing when the enemy team would smash you in a teamfight is a curse that I have been on the receiving and on the abusing end of. Getting hooked in when you oneshot at least 2 enemies immediately is not fun for them at all. Please don't tell me that I can't have fun when losing or that I am a sore loser. I used to have tons of fun dying in Dark Souls and trying again, dying and losing in urf to something that I didn't expect to be strong and wanting to try it aswell. But in those games you know that you did something wrong (even in urf the champions that ended up permabanned in the first rendition got nerfed in the second one) in the game and you can learn from it. The learning experience for Nexus Blitz is most of the times "Well, I died against Brand again, I guess I'll just ban him next time and hope someone else spares me from having to play against anything similar".

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