Patch 5.16 Mordekaiser, Skarner and Garen.

Hello Guys, I want to show off my opinion about couple of champions, Such as: Skarner, Garen, Mordekaiser. Skarner: Skarner is now totally unbalanced champion, the most unbalanced champion atm. First of all, why he needs those altars ? Why? he is op even without them, that altars are ruining the game, and the fun of enemy players. He has damage with full tank build same as ADC, he can't die, he can even go 1 v 5 get 2-3 kills and survive because of altars and W for escape. 2.Garen: Garens can also build a full tank build, and deal damage same as assassin or adc. He can easy lane with incredible damage at the early game and later nobody can kill him. 3.Mordekaiser: Okey, first of all: DRAGON, Just touch Dragon you will get a Dragon. The most unbalanced thing in League of Legends History. That DRAGON can push 2 turrets very easy, even mordekaiser can do a BARON with DRAGON. Q DMG- The Last hit, can even deal like 75% of somebodys life. Sorry for bad English. I think 90% of people will understand me.
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