I'm starting to not enjoy this game anymore and i think ill stop playing it.

Im Challenger elo and i have been playing this game since season 1. Current challenger elo games are spamming Yasuo, Riven, Garen and Darius all the time. Especially Yasuo is the big problem, every time im against him at top i always kill him 2 or 3 times and i dont even die. Now the problem is that as soon as he gets statik shyv it doesnt matter how fed you are or how good you are he just deals so much damage and his cooldowns are extremely low. He has 2 passives that are not even weak, individually they are one of the best passives in the game and he has 2 of them while some champs its like they dont even have a passive. This game is currently so unbalanced, i guess RIOT thought that if they make everything op, nothing is op. Well guess what, this is not Dota and it doesnt work that way. Honestly i had most fun in season 1. Also players on EUNE are toxic, mean and they usually feed if it isnt how they say it should be. It seems like Riot isnt even trying to fix this problem at all because i get at least 1 person like that in each game and keep in mind that its like 300 same people that i play with all the time. Most of the people will be like "Yeee just stop playing the game if u dont like it" but thats not a solution even though i probably will.
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