[Champion concept] Alicia, the spirit trapped on the mirror

**[Story]** > She was a peaceful spirit with magical powers that was helping Ionia. When noxus invaded, LeBlanc locked her in a mirror so the Ionian army would be more vulnerable and helpless. She sealed the mirror with a strong spell that can be destroyed only if the mirror breaks but she didn't tell this to anyone. Through the years Alicia became one with the mirror. One day, someone was trying to release her but accidently he broke the mirror. A gate opened to the void and that moment he realized that Alicia wasn't at the mirror anymore but at the void. After many years Alicia became corrupted by the void and its monsters. Now she wants to get revenge from anyone for not helping her and esoecially LeBlanc who did this to her. **Abilities** [Passive] - Void aura When someone is near Alicia his/her aura effect gets reduced by 20/40/50/70% ( passive, {{item:3068}} , {{item:3105}} ,etc...) untill he/she gets away from her. [Q] - Shadow vortex Alicia creates a small vortex at the targeting location wich explodes after 1 second. Leveling up this ability inscreases the range of the explosion. (8.5 AP, 4 seconds cooldown, 30/35/40/45/50 mana) [W] - Bad luck Alicia casts a spell on the targeted champion which makes all ner by enemy minions prioritize him/her and makes all near by monsters (except for baron) attack to him/her for 3/4/5/6/**7** seconds. While this champion has the debuff, he/she sees everything dark and purple (something like Illaoi's curse). (20/30/45/60/65 mana, 20 second cooldown) [E] - Song of demacia (toggle) Alicia sings a song for that attracs ner by enemy champions and make enemy units ignore her for 2 seconds. She cant attract the same champion for 3/2.75/2.50/2.25/2 seconds after the attrac debuff ended. While Alicia is using this ability, she can't move, use any other abilities or auto attacks. If she does, the ability stops. If she doesn't she can keep singing untill she runs out of mana. (5/7/12/14/15) mana per second, 5 seconds cooldown after the ability is toggled off) [R] - Void gate Alicia creates a big gate to the void that is open for 3/4/5 seconds and sucks up near by enemies. Enemies can run away to make the hole suck them slower but they can't run away except if their movement speed is high or they have a spellshield. Every second an enemy is in the hole, he gets 50/60/70 magic damage per second depenting on how near the center he/she is and he/she gets the fear effect if he is in the center. If someone is standing on the center when the hole closes up, he gets sucked into the void, becomes untargetable for 3 seonds and gets teleported at a random location (excluding both bases). Alicia can only spawn this gate on herself. (10/20/30% AP, 150 mana, 120/110/100 seonds cooldown)
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