dear QQ threads writers (yes that is your title from now on ,deal with it )

WHY do you make QQ threads? riot made these boards for PLAYERS to interact with EACH OTHER rioters will NEVER look at the boards when deciding to nerf/buff/rework a certain champion why not make "how do I counter champ x"threads instead of "RITO NERF CHAP X PLS QQ QQ QQ"? you guys cry over NEW champs being OP,well YEAH THEY ARE,they will get adjusted with small nerfs on different patches,this is how riot works and you guys cry about snowball champs being OP,the whole idea of a snowballing champ is to BE UNSTOPPABLE once fed these champs have a REALLY bad early game,but that isnt the major problem you complain off,you say that even if they fell off they can easily get fed late game this means you guys go like "LoooL i just wrecked that kata in lane there is no way she can do anything" That is total BS ,she cant do alot but she CAN do things (like going bot through the UNWARDED river and getting a double kill) ALWAYS keep an eye open for assassins in teamfights and ALWAYS make sure that you can cc them in time tl;dr I am sick of these noobs filling the boards with QQ threads instead of asking how to counter them with certain matchups riot doent look at boards when deciding nerfs/bufs get gud

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