Ryze's cool concept but..

Hey everyone! I recently just played Ryze in my last ranked game and i was totally surprised by how his kit worked (haven't played him since moons), so let me point out why Ryze has one of the lowest win rates and how i figured it out. First of all, his ultimate, it reminds me of that teleportation technique from the mage guy in the WarCraft movie, a cool concept, but very weak even for a teleport and here is why : the fact that it gets cancelled if ryze is unable to move or is rooted, not only does this make it unfair considering other champs like TF can still port away while stunned or rooted, and it has much less range, offering a very situational ult that only works with a very coordinated team thus his low win rate. Secondly, his kit and build path : Most of those who are eager to play ryze just don't understand that he isn't a burst champ anymore, he WAS, you build rod of ages first item for the sustain and mana management (intended). Now discussing his kit, his Q is pretty fine and balanced, but this is where it gets busted, his W and E only serve as a power up to his Q making it the only spell up for damage and messing it up would be costly in a team fight. Solutions i THINK might work: More snare time on his W but more CD(2 secs at max), more E damage but higher mana cost, and finally for his ult i got a big one : when ryze is about to port he unleashes a majestically powerful ground breaking rune explosion around him dealing dmg or stunning enemies, making it more viable. P.S: I wrote all that because i love ryze lorewise and how powerful he looks to me. I smashed last game with him so this isnt a rant on how weak he is.{{champion:13}} "let's go, let's go!!"
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