Her essential role is to harass enemies down, until the point they make a mistake or they go back, whilst csing, (Okay, cool) she can do this almost better than any other adc, she always seemed to shut {{champion:67}} down definitely season 3 and below, I have never taken much interest in her as i always saw her as a strong champion, i don't usually play strong or 'Meta' champions or never used to at-least, but i find her kit lacking, she seems to have everything, strong passive, good range, i think it is her ultimate, it is anti clarity as other champions can auto cast like {{champion:67}} and suddenly gain a huge advantage, this is her ultimate via a third-party site, so may be incorrect: FINAL HOUR: "Readying herself for an epic confrontation, {{champion:67}} gains 30/50/70 increased attack damage, 1 second stealth during tumble, and triple the bonus movement speed from 'Night Hunter' lasting 8/10/12 seconds." Also do the maths 70 x 12 = 840 (plus her (W) 'Silver Bolts' dealing only 20(up-to 60) additional damage plus 4% (up-to 8% of the targets health as true damage.) At level 6 you have about 130 AD with 'FINAL HOUR' activated stacked with {{item:3153}} assuming you start with 75 AD level 1. Now that sounds amazing you get to be like a super hero for up-to 12 seconds, that is a champion i want to play and learn. Of course there are other interesting champions with interesting abilities too that are probably worse than {{champion:51}} 'Ace in the Hole'let's review it Ace in the Hole: Caitlyn takes time to line up the perfect shot, dealing 250 / 475 / 700 (+2.0 per bonus attack damage) physical damage to a single target at a huge range. Enemy champions can intercept the bullet for their ally. It provides, two sources of counter-ability already firstly saying she is taking her time i am going to assume she has a movement impaired debuff on i.e she walks slower or cannot walk at all already i am dissatisfied with just that description and secondly it even tells you how you can prevent it from killing an Ally. For {{champion:67}} or most likely other champions there is no counter-ability dialogue unless you search for it using third party sites. I find that all champions should have weaknesses and strengths, they are called balanced champions that do not have both of these i would class as unbalanced, you could maybe say {{champion:67}} is small - mid range, but to me that really isn't an issue especially when the champions is designed to get you close and personal to the enemy. Also {{champion:67}} ultimate states "Readying herself" this means her ultimate should not be automatic, it should give the enemy time to react, however i know that it does take milliseconds to activate but i would still count that as automatic and not Automatic over time.

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