Quest system [Solution to all noob/toxic]

Hello! Recently it suddenly dawned on me a simple suggestion which might improve the community's 'unskilled' sector (lmao) which contributes to toxicity, flame, rage etc and players having a bad day. Problem: _I'm having noob teammates in my division, they dont know what they are doing! They have no idea to play the champ they are playing, they dont know about the role they should do, wont ward, doesnt know how to position in teamfights, ezreal has 40 cs in 20min, blah blah_ **My solution : ** Why not introduce a quest system? Most of us have played many other games aside from league, including me. Ever notice that in some games we improve real fast and become competition ready faster than others? Why does that happen? Its because we focus on getting in-game goodies by doing quest which indirectly improves our skills. League doesnt have a quest system as of now, but what if there were quests like these: (Summoners rift) 1. Kill 60 minions in 10 minutes for 3 games (500 IP reward) 2. Kill or assist in killing baron OR elder drake for 3 games (100 IP reward) 3. Get XY assists while playing a support for 2 games (100IP reward) 4. Get first blood for 2 games (200IP) 5. Kill 2 drakes for 3 games (200IP) 6. Place 10 wards in 3 games (200IP) 7. Get XY kills in 3 games (400IP) 8. Finish 3 games with less than 3 deaths (250IP) 9. Play 5 games as a support champion (300IP) 10. Play 5 games as a tank champion (300IP) ....and so on. Imagine if quests like these where available to noobs, how much better the learning curve would be as they would get better at the game without them knowing it as they will be focusing on getting rewards and learning the game. How about it riot?
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