People maining only one role are screwed up with new system

So im jungler main and i reached d2 playing jungle in 90%+ of my games, thats all i play and its only way i got fun in LoL. I play LoL since 2 years and I never had any issues getting my role in old champ select, i was asking people for jungle and in extreme cases i where just going supp to chiill to just get through this. Playing supp once for a while wasnt a big deal but now.. But right now i cant even play jungle half of the time, each time i set support or fill (oh God forbid) as secondary im stuck with supp every game. Following community advices i tried using other roles as placeholder but i still got jungle half of the time and since i dont play any other lanes i end up dodging all of the matches where i did not get role i want. This forced dual role destroyed all game experience for me and right now i just dont have any desire to continue playing this game since i cant even play like i like it anymore.
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