Daily post to nerf Riven

In Noxus, any citizen may rise to power regardless of race, gender, or social standing - strength is all that matters. It was with committed faith in this ideal that Riven strove to greatness. She showed early potential as a soldier, forcing herself to master the weight of a long sword when she was barely its height.
Hi everyone.Just wanted to show again how broken is Riven. As you can see on list of changes of Riven from the link, all her characteristics were buffed 1.Cast time of Q and R reduced to 0.25 2.Base movement speed increased to 345 from 320.(yes she had such a movespeed and buffing champion with 2 escape skills,GJ dorito) 3.Shield strength increased to 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 from 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 / 190(last time her shield was buffed not nerfed) Other problem is that she is sourseless.Wich ealy lane bully dont have resource bar? {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:58}} (have rage stuff what gives his ablities damage otherwise it does not deal tons of damage) But there is only 1 champion that randomly, brainless, without paying any price spams his abilities {{champion:92}}. Lets talk about her mobility.Champion having 340 move speed in the same time have 2 CC and 2 escape abilities.Decreasing time between her QQ skill can realy make players think before spaming Q.Also W should or deal damage or stun why both?Hey E grants dodge ability and shield maybe you should take something from her? I do not xpect to take everything from her.NO!Just few things that makes her crazy damage dealing, super mobile,brainless spam champion. I would prefer seeing her with manna and without 1 CC(Better on Q) Thank you for reading :) Any thoughts are appreciated.Except {{champion:27}} one.

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