Ok, we all hear this all the time but the system is fundamentally broken! In a team game where each role is extremely important and you must work as a team of 5 to win, why do I get punished for try to play as a team just as much as some guy who decides "Screw it, games lost at 10 mins I AFK and definitely ruin it for everyone'' If I spend my time reading guides on where to ward, how to counter play and how to be friendly and approachable in games, why should I lose just as much as some 12 year old kid who just says 'mad' when you ask them to play under tower? Now obviously everyone thinks that they should be gold, but fundamentally people who understand the game shouldn't be in the same place as a bunch of kids who thinks you must build damage and farm solo until full bid just to get ass raped by a team playing AS A TEAM Essentially it shouldn't be as simple as 'You win, get X LP. You lose, lose X LP' for such a big e-sports game with a massive following spear heading video games in to the modern world, it shouldn't have such a simple way to determine skill. Imagine if footballers were purchased by bigger clubs if they only got based off where their team was in the league - it's pure insanity

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