Can we adress toplane balance already?

This is like the third time I make a thread about this, but I don't care. Top lane has 0 impact in winning or losing the game, and in most game winning or losing the laning phase in top is decided in champ select. It's so unbalanced is ridiculous; I'm playing normals as toplaner in the last days, and I remembered why I stopped there in rankeds. You can't carry a game as a toplaner, if you are first or second pick in champ select you have already lost the laning phase, and in general is much easier carry the game as ADC or Mid. And is not even a matter of "this patch", not even "this season". It has been like this for years. I can't even imagine this situation in bot, where everyone gets nerfed/buffed/changed everytime there is a small balance problem.
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