Jhin Deadeye Speculation- The Mistery is SOLVED! We did it!

There has been a rumor lately, and you have probably heard of it. Here's what this is all about: {{champion:238}} **Zed** and {{champion:37}} **Sona** are dead. Yes, dead. Four (or five, depends since I'm working at this in 23:50) days ago, the *Dark Ninja* has died. If you've checked the champions list, his icon was changed. http://i.imgur.com/FXsR97f.gif There was also a video with him getting headshotted if you entered his character page. He was shot in the head, the blood was spilling all over. Even tho it was blue, if you just did some little shenanigans with the colour, you'd see that it's the blood. The key word here is **headshot**. Remember that, it will be the key part of this story. If you actually downloaded it, and turned it into text files, you'd realize that it's not a video, just a zoomed in picture. You would also realize that this was just a part of the picture, zoomed in, as he shares it with at least *3 more champions*, who are {{champion:37}} **Sona**, {{champion:86}} **Garen** and {{champion:254}} **Vi**. And, to mostly finish with {{champion:238}} **Zed's** part here, he learned what was forbidden, he couldn't live with this grief, and his **knowledge** was the reason why it was a **headshot**. **A head**. And, as he dies, rose pallets flew out of him, and they have a very great part in the Ionian tradition. And, as the vines crawl out of his mask, that's where the corruption goes out. **He is redeemed.** Then {{champion:37}} **Sona** appeared. She got a new animated icon, a teaser 'video' (or as we have just found out, image with background music) where she got shot in the neck. http://i.imgur.com/qG7WvNE.gif As some YouTubers also dwelled deeply into this story, they realized that, with a little coding, they can find the date when the teasers are being released. Every 48 hours. Now, our current champion (and our favourite DJ) has been shot in the neck.{{champion:37}} **Sona** cannot speak, and she can't live with the fact that her voice can't be heard, and it is a grief that is eating her from within, which is the reason why it was a **neckshot**. **A neck**. Butterflies are flying through her neck. We all know very well how butterflies are portrayed, even in our world, and this showed that her voice is finally freed, and that she is happy. **She is redeemed.** Next off, we will be getting {{champion:86}} **Garen**. We managed to get the animated icon where it seems as he is getting shot in the eye. http://i.imgur.com/KpxJ32P.gif This one is a bit more interesting, as the almighty Gods of this game have leaked it. I know who they are, and you know very well who they are too. They are the god-blessed Asians. As we see in this icon, it seems as {{champion:86}} **Garen** is shot in the **eye**. Demacia, on one hand, looks like a paradise, but, the more you get into the lore, the more you realize that Demacia isn't so perfect. They are kind of pretty egoistical and their status really punches them in the head. And, as the so portrayed 'hero of Demacia' is a true representation of his state, he is the same way. He feels that Demacia is for the right, and that other states maybe aren't. He sees everything in black and white- it's either good or evil, which is the grief that is eating him from the inside, that is the reason why it is an **eyeshot**. **An eye.** And, from his face, diamonds are falling down. Diamonds are rare and precious, maybe even perfect. That sense of perfection is what's been corrupting our so called 'hero of Demacia'. And, as the diamonds shatter and fall out of his body, that is what happens. **He is redeemed**. And, we finally have {{champion:254}} **Vi**. I usually had some details that I talked about between parts of these 'champion posts', but this will probably be much shorter. We got an animated icon, which was also leaked by our beloved Gods. http://i.imgur.com/1KnImqP.gif This one isn't as clear, but I believe her chest is burning. As for that, she is very morally gray. She literally joined the light side because she didn't want to go to jail, but, living in Piltover probably changed her. It created a wish for her to become... good. She only did what she had to do, even if it wasn't really good, and that was her grief. That is why it is a **shot in the chest**. **In the hearth**. As for why she is burning, I feel like fire can be associated with a strong will, hope, and she would do anything to make her goal come true. **She is redeemed**. Now, as for Deadeye himself, he doesn't seem so evil anymore, does he? If we check the text files on the images, we can find "Deadeye_Jhin" "Deadeye_Sona" "Deadeye_Garen"... and it's kinda confusing. But, this is also what repeats a few times: "Jhin_promo". As you can tell from the past champions, Riot uses 'promo' when promoting new champions (Yasuo/Gnar/Bard sites all have ,,promo." in them). So, it's almost confirmed that it's **Jhin Deadeye.** As for the concept, it was probably taken from an old concept, **Dimitri Deadeye**, from who you can get the basic idea of what the new champion will probably play like. You can find his concept on the old forums. As for the miscellaneous stuff, the champions are sorted like this: Zed, Sona, Garen, Vi. Zed=3 letters, Sona=4 letters, Garen=5 letters, Vi=VI=6, Deadeye=7 Also, those champions are all on different lanes, the lane we are missing is **ADC**, which alongside his title and concept suggests that he will be a Marksman. I did it. yey me.
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