I don't want to be that kind of person but soloqueue feels like throwing a 50% coin

I am a gold 4 stuck player and i feel like every time i play soloqueue is like throwing a coin and sometimes i win, others i lose. I also know that most of it is my fault because i could play better, if there are people that get out of this elo it must be me that does something wrong. Sometimes i have a 10 games win streak and i feel like platinum alredy, i play well, ward a lot and put a lot of effort in my games, then things go downhill and sometimes someone feeds really hard, or like in last game (Where i was renekton and was like 4/9 and i totally recognize i could do way better and 40% of it is my fault) but the fact is that we were winning, Vayne was fed but the support just made a bad play and i lost my last 17 lp and now if i lose again i'm back in gold 5. The point is , how do improve to be able to carry my games without relying too much on my team? Last game was a scenario, but it happends often that i have a great KDA but a role fails and it throws the whole game. I watched diffrent videos, i know that i must have map awareness, see where the enemy jungler is and buy pink wards to have vision over my lane, sometimes i even carry by roaming and saving a lane, but it doesn't work everytime and it ends up that i play diffrent roles. Ex. The jungle fails and i think "I will be jungler next game because i know i can do better" and even if i do another role fails and the thing goes on and on. Can i have some serious advice other than the usual Diamond players telling me to watch for the enemy jungler and have vision? Like the best formula to being able to carry. (For example i know my farm is pretty bad and i am trying to improve my farm, but then i fail trades) Sorry for the long messege, thanks for reading.

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