S3 Veteran , Final Thoughts , Why I Think The Game Is Garbage

None of you know me, that's ok . I've played since season 3 , first trying ranked in s4 and climbing to low - mid gold ( gold 4 ) that season and then... just staying there for 5 seasons straight until I climbed to plat 4 this season. I mained tanks and tanky champs. I've always had this philosophy of looking at a champion , and wondering what I can do to make that champion as unkillable as possible to carry my team . Unkillable in season 10 , oh boy . First time I created such champ was s4 . Full tank malph running ignite . It's what carried me to g4 . Nigh untouchable . 4k hp , 400 armor , 100 to 120 mr . A %%%%ing mountain . Tough nut to crack yes ? Yes . OP or unfair , not at all . I could only ever burst down a squish adc , blowing my ignite and my full rotation plus 2-3 AAs. I was unkillable. That was my job . I had no dmg , me hitting a turret was like slapping concrete with a salmon and my mobility ... let's say I could be outran by any champ that wasnt withered by nasus. But guess what ? It was %%%%ing FUN . Yes I loved it . That feeling of getting jumped on by a reng and dancing in his face while he runs 3 rotations on you and takes off like 20% hp . It was %%%%ing FUN . I couldn't do anything else besides that . That was my price. That brings me to my point ... this game is not fun anymore . Try the aforementioned build on malph now , you'll get bursted down quicker than a Korean tv on black Friday. Oh shit here comes kai sa, so shit here comes zed oh %%%% everyone has true dmg on the enemy team I better lube up my booty make it quick. Honestly man %%%% this bullshit , like as a tanky oriented player I have no options . Yes I got to plat 4 this season by playing a diver voli ( righteous glory) but I get banged up the ass in 2 seconds nonetheless and even then it required me to be drugged up outta my mind on caffeine to dodge that first 2-3 cc to even get to their back line. It's like a %%%%ing job . Wheres the fun ? Options, different play styles, trade offs ?? Wheres that shit gone ?? I just pick malph ap and stroke myself as the enemy bot lane crumbles under my R , E and Q combo... that's it ?? Everyone's got MR pen , Armor pen , runes reformed adding truckloads of dmg ... what happened to this game?? Haven't touched solo queue in 5 months, wont do in the future .. thinking of quitting too . These are my thoughts . Peace McKuntalds
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