Legit victory 4v5

So last night I had the best game in my life. Nasus, Veigar, Soraka, Jinx and me as Warwick against Renekton, Amumu, Orianna, Lucian and Alistar. Out Jinx was 0-5 at lvl 8 when our Soraka asked her to go AFK and let us win the game. Tilted Jinx left the game so we were 4 against 5 enemies. It was a 40 minutes game, Veigar and Nasus managed to stack, I had 12 kills and less than 10 deaths somehow, Soraka was there to keep us alive and we won the game. XD The most interesting thing of all is that enemy team didnt complain at all. Never surrend if you have stacking champions against bad lategame teamcomp enemy. :D
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