Quitting lol and here's why

So I got into conclusion and closure with myself after playing 700 games in ranked. It's just a lottery if you get the good team or not and some have more luck then others. But it's not the luck that made me quit. What made me quit was a loosing streak of seven games in a row where my decisions were not affected or listened to, where people feed and I can't do anything about it. It's also the logic that everyone has. "YOU who queue up in solo queue has to be the one to carry YOUR games in every game that YOU queue up for." If you noticed the word you were in caps lock, it's not by mistake. So then I thought, we are 10 people, 5 in each team, every man can't have 100% win ratio, every man can't win, 5 people have to loose. So why does it always have to be me. The answer to that is that you can't trust the other 4 people playing with you. Then it hit me. Why should I play a game full of toxic people because you are either doing nothing or you are doing very bad. Why should I give my brain this negativity every day. Why should I be exposed to this negativity. Since I don't wan't to be exposed to this negativity I quit. I can't win every single game, no one can have 100% win ratio, no one have 100% win ratio. And yet when people are doing something bad the other on your team can't accept that because they themselves think that they have to carry. It all becomes a bad circle of hatred. I could go on for hours why I no longer play this game that used to love but instead I list the reasons and maybe just maybe U can spare you a lot of hours of negativity. Reasons: 1. You have to be the carry every game because people can't be trusted to carry your game. 2. If things goes bad people goes mad and toxic. 3. High competitive game that requires good players to play good constantly . 4. Since we are humans we can't play good constantly. 5. Too much negativity/toxicity makes the game no longer fun to play. Oh yeah, I've had worse loosing streak then this but this particular loosing streak made me realize that it's a waste of time and energy. Bye league of legends. I hope you can still keep the game going and maybe just maybe make the community listen to your advise so that they can become less hateful.
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