Matchmaking And PBE

Sooo i have gotten into Gold 5 This season and its been like 2-5 months, and i'm still being matched up with bronze players... Is this a bug or is Riot trolling me or am i just bad? Also i have been playing with my bronze friends. I wouldn't mind having bronze players but holy shit it makes me wanna flame... It makes me so mad that i want to throw my keyboard out of the window... Oh and also i have applied for PBE about 1 year ago and still haven't been accepted and i have lets say kind of reformed.(I haven't been banned about 5 months and the last ban i got was on purpose cause i wanted to stop playing league, as you can see it didn't work). The main reason i want a PBE Account is cause of new game modes they are good holy shit! *-{{summoner:4}} Through wall-*
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