Riot Games not balancing the game or keeping the champion concepts fresh

First, lets talk about akali. Yes, escape tools and gapclosers and much dmg and way too much sustain. Do i even have to explain? Second, tryndamere. We all know tryndamere's R is an outdated mechanic which is too powerful, but why did they remove it from aatrox if it was fine on tryndamere? Well let me explain. They would have to rework trynda (which i think isnt rly that hard seeing what his kit is) and many tryndamare mains would leave the game? No? Well first question riot, WHY DID YOU REWORK PANTHEON BEFORE TRYNDAMERE???? Which one do you think is more outdated? Not dying or point and click stun? yes the first one is more outdated since they removed aatrox's ultimate (basically). And lux. Basically when you thought lux might be bad and buffed her, well.... No. Lux's dmg numbers are way too solid and her R cd is way too short. and i have used money and this game and i see it hasnt gone to funding the balance team, or hiring new one. And there are lots of champions that are near useless because the situations their abilities would be good on rly just don't happen that much anymore. For example, singed. I know he can be admired as a way too good proxy top laner, but still.... just no. rework the piece of crap. And the biggest one of these all: Magic Resist items. How can be, that the mages seem to be too powerful and do too much damage? HMMMMM.... HOW COULD IT BE? Not having good MR items is the proper answer. The most mr u can get out of an item is 55, and do you think thats much, compared to the new buffed randuin's omen, which gives 70??? and thats not even the best armor item. And the proper change would be that armor and MR would scale differently or just buff the MR items in general. what's the point of there being very expensive items that have no protection value what so ever as tank items? And then, AP items. Compared to ad items, the AP items give way too much more than ad items. For example: Black cleaver and protobelt. Protobelt gives too much for 2600 gold item and the active is just amazing. Black cleaver u ask? Not so useful armor shredding (since top laners use abilities now and not autoattacks [exception for the upcoming garen E rework]) And movement speed from attacking. Oh btw that item cost 3000. Wow, 400 hp and 40 ad. Much wow. I think items should be buffed or nerfed more than the actual champions in the toplane tbh.
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