LP gain/loss question

A quick backstory. Last season i was Plat 4. I grinded early season and stopped playing ranked. So i assume that my "real rank" is Plat 4 despite easily being able to play in Diamond which i did 3 seasons ago. The climb this season went fine to start out with, i was not doing too well early on but my LP gain/loss was at a steady 26 for a win and 11 for a loss. Yesterday i got promoted to Gold 2. My gain/loss in Gold 3 was 13 for a loss and 21-23 for a win. Today i won 2 games and i only gained 19 LP, i thought to myself, fair enough its going to take a bit longer. I then lost my 3rd game and i lost 19 LP. Like how the hell am i supposed to climb if i get punished that hard for a loss in gold 2. Yes i have won about 75% of my games so its fairly obvious that im better than a Gold player, but for some reason my gains go down and my loss goes up, it makes absolutely no sense to force me to win more in order for me to climb. Isn't the whole purpose of the system to ensure that players are in the correct league? This only makes me stay in Gold for much longer than i should be. Anyone got any idea as to why this is happening? Even when i played in D4 my LP gain/loss was better. This is just an odd thing to happen, and i dont recall it ever happening in previous seasons when i climbed through gold/plat.
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