Let's talk about Tryndamere (read before you downvote)

I did not make this topic just to %%%%% about {{champion:23}}. I actually want to talk about something that in my opinion is not very fair. We all know Tryndamere's Q, his healing ability. The cooldown on that ability is relatively short (around 10 seconds if im not mistaken). We all know how he is going to use this ability in lane: go in -> lose hp -> go back out with full fury -> heal literally all the damage you've taken in that trade -> autowin the trade. And we all know he is going to max his Q because that's literally the best ability to max first on him for the extra lane sustain. Let's pretend you are Tryndamere: It's super easy to play passively, just chillin' and farming when you've taken a lot of damage from your oponent, then boom you heal back all the damage he dealt to you making all the attempts to trade with you pointless. And then after you healed, while the ability is on cooldown, get full fury again, go in on your opponent again, deal your sweet sweet damage with your stupid RNG crits, then back off and heal again for all the damage your poor enemy tried to deal to you, ending up in you autowinning the trade. Let's compare {{champion:23}} to {{champion:8}}. Having a lot of lane sustain while also poking your oponent is kind of Vladimir's thing, he is unique in this thing, well not anymore. Tryndamere does this and he does it even better, Trynd can poke you with an auto and then E away, escaping and damaging you or just E toward you and auto attack you to death with his sweet sweet and stupid RNG crits, cuz he is just gonna heal back the damage. You will be surprised to hear that a full rage Tryndamere Q heals more than an empowered Vladimir Q on a champion. So yeah, my point is: Tryndamere's Q heals him for too much in lane, the heal should be reduced.
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