Resistant Towers

Next patch, the outter and inner towers are getting a 500HP buff. Will this solve any problems? Here's what I perceive as an issue is how easy towers can be destroyed if you kill your lane opponent, especially in top or bot lane. You take the wave to the tower and wail on it until a brave jungler comes or your lane opponent respawns and runs all the way back to lane. Giving towers 500 more HP isn't going to stop the tower falling, neither would an extra 2000HP. Rather than giving towers more health, how about the following: --- **Towers become more resistant as they take large damage in a short amount of time.** As towers lose more than 10% damage within 10 seconds, they gain 10 bonus armor and magic resistance for the next 10 seconds. This is additive. (so 100-0ing a tower in one go will see you having to overcome 100 armor/mr by the time it's destroyed). --- So, if for example a Tryndamere kills his top lane opponent and goes onto the tower, he will find it a lot tougher to destroy in one go. He might have to actually use more than one minion wave. Games will become a lot less snowbally and this way applying damage to towers bit by bit will be just as effective.
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