Any possible chance of Kindred getting rerolled

Kindred was my favorite jungler in every way especially since they were such a damage monster in late game. I was concerned when I heard that they would get a rework and with it being live I gotta say that I really dislike every single change except the changes on their E. Before the update Kindred felt really unique (they still kinda do because of their hunt event and stuff, but I mean relating their effects). Now she feels like a really really really crappy ADC, like Tristana or Caitlyn 2.0. I know the skills are very different from Tristana and Caitlyn but i mean, another champion with higher range is not really needed at all. Like I said before they were something unique and different in any way and thats what I liked about them. Their ult doesnt make any sense to me anymore when she doesnt have the damage to duel someone in the aoe and the higher range also doesnt fit this style. Like I also said before I like the changes on their E since it now synergizes really well with their ult but all the other things dont make sense to me. I dont think there is a way they would make them get their old abilities (mainly their passive) back but thats why Im asking if something like this happened before and it could also happen to Kindred. Thanks for any response
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