Balance: Rod of Ages vs Abyssal Mask, item build path, gold analysis and game-play design.

Both of these items are built from the same sub item, which gets similar buffed stats in both upgraded versions. * Catalyst of Aeons {{item:3010}} - 1100 gold * 225 HP, 300 Mana - 1020 gold * Unique Passive Eternity - 80 gold, is small investment for a decent sustain passive. I can see this being a decent first back for any sustained drawn out fights battle-mage, with a flexible build choice afterwards. This part of the game design, does make sense. From this is the more offensive route item, building from Blasting Wand {{item:1026}} - 850g; 40 AP: * Rod of Ages {{item:3027}} - 2600g * 300 hp, 300 mana, 60 AP - 2525 gold * Passive (20 hp, 10 mana, 4 AP; per stack each minute, up to 10) - only a 75 gold investment, so 1 minutes pays for itself, and after 10 minutes is approximately a 1400 gold RoI. There is almost no reason not to go this route. the RoI is just too good. For both offensive stats in the AP growth, as well as the raw HP that will synergies well with Eternity Passive and scale off base resistances or any other additional (items/runes). As builds progress, RoA will give cumulative gains on resistances and superb AP scaling efficiency coupled with {{item:3089}}. Meanwhile the defensive route item uses Negatron Cloak {{item:1057}} - 720 gold; 40MR: * Abyssal Mask {{item:3001}} - 3000g * 350 hp, 300 mana, 55 MR, 10% CDR - 2610 gold * Unique Aura (15% magic dmg amp) - worth 390 gold? I can see the intention that this is meant as more a utility tanking item, but because the MR is flat, its actually less effective the higher a champions MR is, so almost counter intuitive for either innately tank stat champions or tanking builds. Comparatively so Abyssal Mask cost more to build than Rod of Ages, so theoretically in an AP vs AP lane, you could be sitting on sub components, while your lane opponent is already gaining a lead, which will only get worse every two waves of minions and another RoA passive stack kicks in. Although a quick number tweak would be simple to implement and could quite easily be done in a single PBE cycle of testing, there is also the alternative of reworking abysal to have a similar scaling to RoA, but based on MR/HP. **Postscript Edit 1:** To clarify the options in the poll... "tweak" is just simple number adjustment, gold, or base stats "total rework" is for Abyssal Mask, like mentioned above to give it some MR/HP scaling to suit tank status. Other ideas for reworking... Other than having scaling MR/HP, perhaps make its utility more applicable, such as giving it scaling MR and dmg amp aura. This would make it much more viable with low AP, but high base or %HP dmg abilities more, aka tank abilities as more supportive roles.
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