Fix MMR button

I Was just think , and i don't know if it is even a good idea or not but it will help ppl to don't make big Expectations, For example if you are Plat1 with plat 4 MMR and only earn 14 Lp for game and lose 25, you will always think omg diamond is so close but so far. (Like the pretty girl that date with you only because you pay the dinner/ice creams for her but she will never go to the bed with you ) So if there was a "FIX MMR/ELO Button " and u click it, u receive a warning "You would like to be moved to the level you belong to" ? Then if u press yes this guy drops from Plat 1 for plat4 but now he can earn 22 Lp for game and lose 20 lp . Just to broke the fake Expectations. {{champion:157}} "if you pick me it is a free lose " Yasuo the master of wind samurai
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