Fiddlesticks Ultimate - Thinking outside of the... crow-storm?!

Just trying to think outside of the current popular meta box, and have been testing this out alternative fiddle build. Its not as map-wide as the predator jungle build, while in regard to support, not as safe as aftershock or as poke heavy as comet. Though I do find it has merits for high APM/skill-cap players. Against better positioned enemy teams, its hard to get as effective positioning to maximise the AoE damage. {{champion:9}} Ultimate: Crowstorm is an AoE @600 radius around fiddle, for 5 seconds. Phase rush 3 seconds movement speed and 75% slow resist, on 3 seperate attacks or abilites within 3 seconds. Nimbus cloak, on ultimate cast, 2.5 seconds decaying movement speed bonus Sudden Impact - obvious bonus magic pen after the ult blink. Ultimate hunter - whats not to like about 25% CDR on fiddle's ultimate. But why you might ask?! Nimbus cloak sudden impact crowstorm, meant for maximum target chaos: R - Ultimate Crowstorm, flanking into the middle of their team as followup, will trigger nimbus cloak, and 1st stack of phase rush E - Dark wind, for the obvious multi target silence (aim at champion in crow-storm, nearest CC threat if possible), triggers 2nd stack of phase rush Move with Nimbus Cloak into a better AoE position for the ultimate while they are silenced from dark-wind. Phase rush : Auto attack to trigger the 3rd stack of phase rush Moving with the phase rush (especially if its stacked onto nimbus cloak) is just too easy to run them down (and even through); either splitting their mid-line peel from back--line DPS or even closing the retreat path of their entire team. Q - Terrify, once you have cut off the retreat path of as many people as possible, CC the biggest threat Final moments, (not order specific): W - Drain, there isnt enough damage threat to kill you then, do some more damage (can be a gamble sometimes) 2 - Item active stasis, If you are low, sometimes its better to just do this instead, and sometimes it has to come earlier than ideal. **Item choices:** Since fiddle only has a mediocre 45% AP ratio on ALL his abilities he is NOT a top teir AP Carry. The problem Ive seen with most fiddle sticks is that they cannot position well enough, or get chunked down to quick that they have to stasis too early, again stopping the AoE being in the right place. {{item:3020}} 1100g, 45 enhanced MS, 18 magic pen If you get a some how happen to invade, get a triple with first blood, sure pick these up and walk to lane level 1 and watch how easy it is to poke. Flat magic pen has most effect the early into a game it is, before level base stats and items start to scale their MR. {{item:2419}} 600g, once usage stasis for 2.5 seconds If you are starting to get a sizable bounty on your head (ideally you shouldn't because you don't scale well, so why get kill gold), sure pick it up otherwise possibly to skip it for better tank stats. {{item:3157}} 2900g, 75AP, 45 Armour, 10% CDR, stasis active on 120sec CD. Most people novices rush this and blow it almost immediately after their ult while on full HP, getting about 2 seconds on people who then leave the AoE, so Lv6 is 2 x (125 + 0.45 x 75) = 317.5 {{item:3050}} 2250g, 60 Armour, 30 MR, 250 Mana, 10% CDR, Unique active Cheaper, better tank stats and same CDR, as the zhonya. Though I expect many will quibble about the lack of AP, but what if you can position for longer... 2.5 x 125 = 312.5. Most importantly you are giving your ADC 30% bonus magic onhit, which they should have 150AD+, cool free 45+ magic damage autos from ADC. Further more, this can help you stick onto and soft CC slow, people as you run them down. If you ADC lands a single auto on anyone in that AoE, you get a bonus 40 magic damage / second. {{item:3190}} 2250g, 30 Armour, 60 MR, Unique active Its just a really good underrated item, although the stats are anti mage, its shield is just so good to support your ADC if they are behind, or their team has a big threat. {{item:2065}} 2250g, 40 AP, 200 HP, 100% HP regen, active Great utility item for your team, if gap closer skills are lacking. Pop it, let them engage, while you follow up with ult. This, nimbus cloak and phase rush will mean you have plenty of chase potential. {{item:3165}} 3000g, 300HP, 70AP, 15 magic pen, grievous wounds As with all abilities base damage, and also the lower champion levels are, flat magic penetration is just great, picking this up or even sitting on the oblivion orb can be a huge damage spike. Meanwhile the AoE grievous wounds, is just a game changer. Something for once you are snowballing and your team needs the passive. {{item:3116}} 2600g, 300HP, 90AP This has a similar build path, except skipping the Orb sub component stage and a cheaper alternative, while the slow makes it just disgusting hard for people to leave the chaos. Supportive Fiddle when you know you can trust your real carries: {{item:2055}}{{item:3107}}{{item:3190}}{{item:3050}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3092}} This really is about team play focus giving a cheap build, with decent tank stats, 20% CDR (get the other 20% from runes, capping ultimate hunter stacks for total of 65%), and two very important item actives to proactively choose when and where/who in a teamfight to heal/shield
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