Completely ruined the game?

So, after taking a lengthy break from League of Legends I came back a week or two ago. The first thing I noticed after I came back was how little kill advantage / cs advantage meant. I'm a top laner , and I noticed that going full tank is the best option in every scenario since risk just doesn't pay off anymore. For example, I've played Kha Zix earlier and was up 50 cs and 10 kills on enemy malphite. After I jumped him, used my entire skillset (Q, E, W) while he was isolated I only did enough damage to destroy his passive. He turned around slapped me with 2 auto attacks, E and Q for half my health. Naturally I noped the fuck outta there and realized that 3k-4k gold advantage means nothing when your opponent is building full tank. So I'm wondering what kind of changes passed through that made this game even more of a coin flip, that made solo carry practically impossible, a game where laning phase is practically all but negated and high scaling champions rule the game? I worked very hard to get those 10 kills, malphite just sat and spammed E on minion wave ignoring ANY sort of trading for the best part of the game. Yet he came out on top when we tried 1v1ing ? I had armor penetration, he had sunfire, frozen heart & ninja tabi. The reason I'm posting this anecdotal "evidence" is because I've never experienced something like that before when I played LoL. You simply knew that if you're up 3k-4k gold on someone you WILL beat him, not lose HORRIBLY to him, unless he's a Nasus with a well stacked Q or you're playing a melee carry against a well farmed Jax ! Now people can just pick these hyper scaling tanks and be unkillable all through the laning phase & beyond. What is the point of picking anything else when it's sooooooooo risky (I lost that game), when you can pick an unmovable object and even if you do get punished somehow still be very useful with a well placed ulti / peel for your adc.

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