I can't stop losing ranked matches

I don't think i will win another one game if it keeps going on like this and i don't think this lose streak will ever stop either because i just lost 10 fcking ranked games in a row now. Also i was bronze 1 and i fell all way straight down to bronze 4 in 24 hours because of this. I'm fraustrated now and i tried to win but i ended up by losing more and more ranked games and ranks. Last 4 matches: 1 Won all lanes and made it all through but a dumbfck went solo and farming for that whole match and made us lose. 2 Won my lane but my jg came 10 mins after the game started and fed their top laner so he solo carried his team. 3 Still won my lane but mid lane went afk for 5 mins and fed 10 kills so their top lane was 5 levels above us and solo carried. 4, heavily lose by our jungler who went in and fed kata 2 free kills because she was low in the first place but she just won the entire game for them. I'm having a depression because of this. I need your help ASAP, tell me what should i do now? How do i stop this lose streak? I don't even know if i'm going to suck in this lose streak for a month.
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