New and better Urf the sea guardian! Q( Stop!)= Trows a buble at the champion and stans him. Cost 50 mana, 70 demadge. W (Here fishy fishy)= Trows a fish on the champion. Cost 70 mana, 90 demadge. E( Boom)= Uses his machine gun and shoots a champion 6 times. Cost 90 mana, 1 bulet demadge is 12. R( Mirror)= Copies any spell that enemy champion does on him. 100 mana, if enemy champion makes e.g. 50 damidge on Urf he will do that spell and make 50 damidge on enemy champion. He will go ADC. He needs to build AP. He will have all the same as before ( look, skins), only voice will be difrent. Sorry if I spelled some words wrong. PLS RIOT LET URF LIVE AGAIN!!
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