Fidle Rework Idea

Major changes to his apearence, i want fidle to have a black grim reaper vail that flows down on his body with the hood on. you are supposed to see the sticks underneath / his demonic face, his scythe is bigger longer and reaches further, so his autoattacks are still range but no longer count as range, he just can reach so far with his scythe ( like thresh) he can attack through yasuos windwall basicly he has low resistance stats and health passiv: Fidles autoattacks can be done while walking, it wont interrupt him and doesnt force him to change directions or anything: whenever fidle autoattacks an enemy champ he applys a stack of fearfactor, this can stack up to 4 times also his autoattacks will deal 15-30% magic damage on hit and he cleaves through units dealing 70% of all on-hit damage on every other enemy hit aside from the main target q. Terror 16-10 sec fidle will scream in a cone into a target direction, every enemy with fearfactor will be feared for 0.25 - 0.4 seconds per fearfactor stack and be slowed for 10-20% per stack w mindripper 13-8 sec fidle will add two stacks of fearfactor onto an enemy and deal 60-250 plus 50% ap. reducing the targets damage by 20-40% for 2 seconds should the enemy exceed the limit of fearfactor stacks with this effect then it will deal 35% bonus damage per exeeding stack e soul melter 15-8 active attacking enemys with stacks of fearfactor will grant 20-70% attackspeed and will heal fidle for 20-125% of all onhit damage done, consuming the fearfactor stacks after 3 seconds the heal is increased by 25% against monsters and decreased by 50% against minions passiv fidle will gain 20-40% movespeed towards a target with fearfactor r Deaths Frenzy 130- 80 sec can only be activated if at least 1 target has 4 stacks of fearfactor on itself. fidle will fall into a frenzy and start to attack over 2.5 seconds any enemy within reach dealing 120% of his onhit damage damage is 18% - 36% ap on his basic damage ( can be increased with items) instead of his attackspeed he will tick his on hits 2 times per second this will equal out to 38% - 72% per second and over the 2.5 second 94 - 180% -he will still profit from soul melter, -fidle can no longer basic attack during deaths frenzy - he will apply fearfactor on hit on any hit target - fearfactor will not be consumed while in deaths frenzy ok the ult will read like its alot of damage but remember, fidle currently can deal 45% plus 125- 325 dmg per second over 5 seconds he can also suck you for 80-180 plus 45% per second AND he can deal with his bounce up to 3 bounces in total 180- 420 plus 135% so fidle can do alot more damage if you let him currently my fidle is supposed to hut you down, and cleave down while running. he is NOT supposed to stand in front of you and take it face on for one if he farms top he has to manage his autos since he can cleave the enemy champ by accidant and take minion agro he is fairly squishy he is an ap based champ so he wont build crit or anything he can fairly well gank since he still has a fear and a slow aswell, he lost his silence however his kit is around his w he should use it to start building up some fear and then be able to use his other abilitys, is he gonna run and fear the target? does he need it to heal up before cd is up? does he run? he needs to think alot about that. he also does not have a fancy gap closer to oneshot somebody, and his ult is not a i go in and use it alone to finish everybdy off skill, it needs setup, and has cd aswell. fidle CAN deal an abnormal ammount of damage however not as much as current fidle, AND he is no longer press suck and stay, but a grim reaper style champ also he needs to watch how he pushes if he doesnt he gets picked off on another note you can gank fairly easy but also cna be avoided since you need the fear and the setup to make it work, his sustain in jungle should be acceptable and his lane sustain wont be too op since he will be able to burst attackspeed / heal up its cool but his CD are fairly high and he must choose wisely
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