Just got through Promo's to silver. If you're playing Ranked Solo Q on your own, please stop.

This is my third post about the match maker in ranked, the frequency of players who afk , rage, or are feeding/struggling and when you get them. Today I got in silver, and I did it by not playing the game properly focusing on winning my lane etc. I did it by using Porofessor to pick out players likely to tilt/struggle or who have been an auto fill and picked a random champ in that role, and I pretty much babysit them in their lane. My own KDA or farm be damned. So this wasn't about my skill as a player to climb as high as I have, getting fed and rolf stomping, no it was pretty much like getting a gaggle of children to cross the road properly when the handicap matches hit after a win streak. Like "hey guys perhaps we should maybe take a tower now instead of ALL chasing shaco over the map" etc... As an example in promos for silver (which I had to do 3 times) I had to do the drakes mostly myself, as each jungler ignored them unless I went there and started it (especially if it was a "hey guys look i'm the new Panthion jungle") . Riot/Tencent are keeping you playing ranked by literally wasting your time. It's not so much the enemy team, it's who they put you with and when. It took me near 230 matches to get Silver IV. This isn't because my skill vastly improved, or I waited to be carried, I feel it was purely down to when the game took the clamp off enough for me to stop players dying to get an eventual win. If you're reading this feeling a bit miserable that you can't climb and wondering what you're doing wrong. Quite honestly more than likely you're not doing anything wrong, and if you use any LoL stat checker (I do recommend Porofessor) you will notice when you're given an actual team to play with and when you're meant to drop down in rank. I have absolutely no doubt there are a select few out there who are exceptionally good at the game, and play nothing but LoL, and blast through games regardless of handicaps, but that's a small percentage and Riot/Tencent know that. That's not who they have created the match maker for. It's for silver/gold players where a majority of the playerbase is, and they intend to keep those players there. They will give you enough wins to stop you giving up altogether, BUT they will certainly give you losses to keep you frustrated and wanting "just one more game". If you start going mental because of trolls etc then all the better as this means you'll potentially get a ban, and eventually you'll do a new account and start the cycle all over again, playing & paying more. TLDR: Unless you're playing duo, or wanting to stream and feel you have quite a high skill level, sincerely DO NOT waste your time on ranked matches. Seriously do something/ literally anything else with your time. Ranked matchmaking is as much of a con/grind as rare drops in loot boxes are. *****Down voting is fine if that vents fans frustration, but I'd wager real money the same people doing that on this post will be on here playing all hell when they get banned for flaming due to experiencing the games what I describe above. Smh *****
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