A quick summarization of one of my last games.

The teams were Darius/Garen Shaco/Jax Fizz/Yasuo Xerath/Twitch Braum/Tresh Me being the Braum on blue side. The botlane went a little wishi-washi since our Xerath was autofilled from mid (which meant that he does not now how to basic attack acording to himself, so my passive was basicly not existent) and the enemy Twitch wasn't really that good. The lane came down to xerath getting hooked over and over again and him apperantly not knowing tha my shield blocks twitch's basic attacks, so he wasted his summs to get out instead of just sattacking back. Eventually he died since he had no summs. FIst blood, though happned on midlane the moment Yasuo hit 2 and the Fizz really threw some nice vibes out there with his "Mid lost" right after it. Fizz kept dying to Yasuo and also started and kept blaming our Shaco for it. To be fair, the Shaco did not gank very well or often, but Fizz was takinf these finds instead of disengaging, so the blaming was just him trying to protect his ego, I suppose. Toplane was actually interesting, since Darius was beating the Garen without much effort, but since Jax did not have to help out on mid or botlane, he could just camp toplane the whole time. Quite obviously we lost the game. What I learned from this game: -While mages can be played botlane with the current state of some Ranged-ADCs, if you do not know how to play with a support, since you are autofilled, you should ask to go supp yourself, since there are midlane champions like Xerath or Lux, that can be played agressive poke supports and support players might have a better understanding how to play with a support. - Junglers need to do more thant jungling and ganking. The Darius in this game was winning top and even if slim, there was a chance he might have carried it, if he had managed to snowball a little. The issue here was Jax. Darius pushed Garen in the whole time, so of course he should have watched out more for himself with every lane loosing, but Wards are not for eternity, so if Shaco had dropped some, including control wards, Darius might not have falling victim to Jax that much. - What happned on mid, everyone of us has experienced before. There is a reason FIzz and Yasuo players have a bad reputation for being toxic and coin flips. In this case I just noticed something I already knew. When laning vs Yasuo keep your e or at least your stopwatch for when he want to use his tornado instead of using it in a combo to get eletrocute out. Note1: I try to use discussions like these to let our some steam and cool down from bad games, since I am not abusing the ingame or post game chat for stuff like that. The best way to do that is to think about the big mistakes that happened so I myself to not make them. Note2: I put this under "Gameplay" since I do write about just that and I do not quite know where else it would fit in
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