Unable to buy Chromas from Blue essense if you don't own the skin.

Hey i think my title pretty much explains the problem i'm having. I've used a lot of money on league of legends, a lot. I'm currently trying to take a break in spending all my money on skins, untill a skin that i just have to own comes out. We now get free skins from chests which i welcome with open arms, but some of those skins have a much cooler chroma color for them. Sure you can spend money on a chroma and i have previously done that. You when you allow us to buy some chromas for blue essense for a limited amount of time, then i can't even buy it ahead of time?? (what if i get that skin 20 days from now, then i would have to actually spend money on that chroma?? (really, this just feels insanely greedy to me.) I think this is a really bad design. Let us spend our blue essense on the chromas we like please without any stupid requirements. It's after all blue essense that we our selves have earned... Many regards a otherwise happy league of legends player.
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