Switching Mains - Fiora is AWESOME!

I used to be a mage main and played lots of {{champion:127}} and {{champion:26}} but recently, I have had the pleasure of playing the new {{champion:114}} rework. Can I just say that Riot did a FANTASTIC job here. She feels fun, there is nothing more rewarding then reposting a {{champion:55}} ultimate and then using Grand Challenge to kill her and heal yourself. {{champion:114}} FEELS like a swordmaster now, turning Riposte into a skillshot was a work of genius, it even works as a useful slow in itself, despite the cooldown being pretty long. But the best thing about the new Fiora, is that she has her OWN identity and isn't just a lame copy of {{champion:11}} . This rework really nailed her identity and has really broadened what you can do with her. I love building her as a tank with items like {{item:3071}} {{item:3065}} and {{item:3143}} and she STILL puts out a metric tonne of damage which is great if you play her correctly. I love that Riot incorporated more choice with builds and options for her and she is so much fun to play because now she is about SKILL and not about spamming, as a proper dualist should be! Dualist Dance is one of the best passives in the game, imo, its really fun, trying to hit them on the side that exposes their vitals. (For all of you complaining, this is what REAL FENCERS DO!). It is so rewarding when you make that play and engage on the right sight and strike the vital! I just love the new skill cap for Fiora, don't change anything about her! Just ignore the old "Fiora mains" who wanted to play her easy-mode like {{champion:11}} . They aren't welcome anymore, I am proud to say, I am a Fiora main because now she is about skill! Finally {{champion:114}} FEELS graceful!
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