League of I don't know whats going on anymore?

For the first time since playing League (played since season 4) I feel utterly lost when playing summoners rift. I feel like the rusty toy on the shelf that has no idea how to move or work anymore, nothing makes sense to me. I enter the rift and all I see is this baffling plethora of crazy damage at level 3 + which any champion has regardless of what role you play. I look on my screen to see insane gold increasing auto inflate mechanics (shutdown and Objective gold) that basically make minions a laughable lonely existing dot on the map. Not to mention the poor minions have to deal with the fact that you only need one item either {{item:3285}} or {{item:1038}} to start slaughtering the first enemy you see without them having the chance to use any reaction speed, turning the game into a a scene from Shaun of the dead but ARAM style, with re spawn timer rates being next to instant. I guess this is a 200+ IQ game mechanic introduced by RIOT, just so you can anti snowball the snowball effect. The other strange and mysterious thing is, I am finding more and more champions becoming practically useless in the role which they are designed to thrive in? Why play {{champion:412}} {{champion:67}} when you can play {{champion:79}} {{champion:157}} bot or practically anything and dominate? Anyway I am going to bang my head against a wall. Kind Regards A Confused Summoner.
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