Yorick still not fixed

Why is he allowed to stay broken as he is? He can't be killed if he has ultimate. He can't be challenged. He puts ultimate on you and you take the ultimate down, you die, you try to trade while ultimate is up... well unless you're 10-3 Gangplank with all damage build, surprising him on bush, with ignite, while he's still attacking tower with the slowest reaction time ever, yes, you're able to win that duel with 1% health. Like seriously what the %%%% is this shit? If this was Heroes of the Storm this champion would have been nerfed years ago. Yet he's still allowed to have this insane damage and pretty much 0 lacks in counter. Not to mention that his zombies take 0 magic damage, which means you have to %%%%ing auto them down if he's pushing a tower with minions. Like what is the strategy against yorick? Beg jungle to gank him late game 24/7? I mean this champion is more %%%%%%ed than fed Tryndamere, because at least Tryndamere can be stomped early and he's going to be pretty easy to deal with. But shut down Yorick will somehow still win every %%%%ing single trade unless extremely lucky bush gank with all the cooldowns ready while he has teleport. %%%% your game. Your balance team should all be fired. It's all Yorick, Jax and Riven top anymore and I'm %%%%ing sick of it. And lets not talk about how good your bottom lane variety is. Like unless you're some master to top 100 player in server it's far better to just pick faceroll broken meta champ than try some range counter or try to actually have fun and do some 2-3 kill barrel plays. No, you're not allowed to have fun. Not with this shit meta. Not with these shit runes that totally broke any resemblance of balance.

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