Whats going on, why is everyone so broken?! :'(

Helloa, I dont post a lot so be gentle . Whats going on with season 7 ?! Why are there so many **_overpowered _**champs who can basically _**one shot**_ you and carry the game solo :'(. For example champs which are being abused right now, like _**Ziggs **who can **TWO shot** a turret in late, completly destroying the whole phase of ''**siege**'' and ''**defend**'' , he has insanely **low coldown** rate and **high damage** output which let him spam spells and prevent anyone from comming near him . _**Yasou ** is another case where no matter how many times you **kill him, deny farm, and kills**, he can still outrade **EVERYONE **in my team while being 4/15 with 100 farm at 25 min. >:(. I just hate the few champs right now who have **High Reward** and almost **0 Risk**, able to get a **HUGE **power spike at any momment. I hope im not just being salty and toxic, unless my main Azir is just the relic of the past right now *cough*Aatrox*cough* Anyway thanks for reading, and sorry for bad english{{summoner:4}} http://imgur.com/a/HHZGV

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