Lee and Rengar Banned every game

Anyone can ward, but the expiration time is only 60 seconds, which means you have a short time to take red or blue especially when vs them but i think both of these champions have a very strong early game presence, not only that their damage ratio's and cc are adequate and can be too much if lee lands his ult properly. (knock up + knock back + can do the same to others he knocks you into) Not only is their cc high / adequate, {{champion:64}} Q is about the same range of {{champion:51}} auto attack and has a short cooldown. Anyway the reason i am making this post is because this guy can just come into your jungle and destroy you and walk out freely even if your team responds, he is impossible to catch early unless you two very high cc' champs together early, and he still has a strong team fight presence, in any games there is no lee who does not get fed no matter how bad you are, anyway they both are being banned a considerable amount more than any other champion those two need NERFING it's the obvious thing to do, and i don't see why Riot let champions get out of hand like this messing up on patching champions affects the mass amount of players, yet you just leave them like it, if any one champion gets banned repeatedly in any game it becomes obvious that people play that champion noty for strategic value, or because it's their best champion it's because of the champs kit, more to the point how was someone like {{champion:64}} released in PBE, was it that everyone liked him? And any other part related to him was undermined? He looks like a fun champ that everyone can enjoy but not everyone gets to play him no five people can play him in one game unless it's a different game mode. But on a serious note he has the upper hand in any game early and i would consider balanced late, The point for most champs is that you have to farm to get fed not just have nothing and deal more dmg than someone who has farmed, got kills made decent play's or maybe he won't win but either way he has the advantage to choose, run or stay you don't if he knows he can beat you there's no escape. As for {{champion:107}} almost the same story except you can catch him once he goes in he is kind of done his kit isn't op, he just hits 1.7k dmg when someone has over 300 armor and gains an insane amount ofl ife back just a knock down on whatever his damage ratio's are.
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